Contact Us

If you are a corporation or multilingual translation service provider, for information about rates and estimates on turnaround for specific projects, please call us at the numbers below or e-mail us.

French Translation Services, Ltd.

Phone:IL (630) 921-2103 / FL (941) 747-8296
Fax:(630) 214-1189

What We Do Not Provide

  1. Machine translation: a machine cannot understand linguistic subtleties and complex idiosyncrasies, cultural references, etc. and render it in a different language.
  2. Editing of a machine translation: if you have a machine translation, we suggest you have it retranslated from scratch by a professional translator, i.e. a human…
  3. Edit or proofread other vendors’ translations. We would rather concentrate on reviewing our own work.
  4. Translation for individuals for small items such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, school diplomas, etc. We focus on larger commercial projects.
  5. We only work with source files provided to us in electronic formats, no hard copy please.

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